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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Unlock idea netsetter Huawei EG162G Usb modem

★★★★★How to Unlock Huawei EG162G USB Modem★★★★★

Idea netsetter 2g-Eg162g

You can easily unlock your device by following steps below…
1. Put any other sim card.
A prompt will ask you to enter the unlock code
The unlock code depends on the IMEI number of the device
Then you need the help of a softwere called Universal MasterCode
You can download this from the following link   
2.Open the Universal MasterCode software.
3.Enter your IMEI code as shown in figure. 

4.Copy the unlock code and paste it in the prompt and press enter.
You have 10 attempts  only.
Exceed 10 attempts and your device will get  locked for ever..
 ★★★★★If you have any problems doing this please comment here★★★★★


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