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Monday, 22 July 2013

Repair Idea NetSetter E1550 IMEI lost problem

Idea Net Setter E1550 3.6Mbps DL Qualcomm MSM6246 based Mobile Broadband Device made by Huawei Technologies is a very popular between the users.
Idea NetSetter E1550 has come in market with different version of firmwares which are below :

1. Version : 11.608.14.00.356
2. Version : 11.608.14.01.356
3. Version : 11.608.14.15.356
4. Version : 11.609.20.02.356
5. Version : 11.609.20.03.356
Idea NetSetter E1550 has some different Dashboards also which are appended below : 

1. Version : UTPS11.

2. Version : UTPS16. .07.03.356

3. Version : UTPS21. .11.01.356

These all modems can be unlocked via downgrader. But, problem is that many users have lost their IMEI no because of bad firmware and they are not able to use any network provider SIM.

Users who have lost their IMEI no. during the down gradation process can Repair Idea NetSetter E1550 IMEI lost problem via firmware.

You can use any of the firmware which is listed below.

Note : Use at your own Risk. Password : NiRaV  (Case Sensitive)


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